Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Carly Simon's Keepin it Real, Sister!

How much do I love this album cover?

No Secrets! No Bras!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two colds at once?

If I have a cold and my friend has a different strain of cold is it possible that one of us could infect the other and have TWO COLDS AT ONCE??! What if a third person came along with a different strain could you have THREE COLDS? Four, Five, Six, Ten? Have they tried this on monkeys?

I've been asking this of all my friends lately (everyone is sick from all different places lately) and everyone says no. They're not sure why but something something about cannot have two cold viruses blah blah.

But they're wrong!! According to the truth-machine Google, you CAN get two colds at once.

Only one result for "three colds at once."

Here's a great Esquire article about it.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fake Blog Descriptions

Top 5 Blog Descriptions to drive more Traffic to your Site

1. The anonymous (but totally true) tales of a Hollywood insider.
2. The totally true trials and tribulations of a an angry black man.
3. Daily musings, totally true ones, from a celebrity politician on the run from the law.
4. The totally true sexual escapades of a 21-year-old supermodel living in Manhattan
5. The online diary of a lesbian nun. Totally True. most popular blog topics, describing blogs, describing words, about me blogs, blogs about nothing, about blg, nun hat, nun blog, america's next top model blog, models blog, top model blog, cute blog, swimsuit blog, thailand blog, supermodel sexy, black gay blog, black man meet

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Giving My Readers the Marijuana Delivery Service Phone #

My darlings:

I've been getting at least one email a day from people who read the "Orgy of the Hemp Eaters" post and write me requesting the number for the marijuana delivery service in Manhattan.

I'd love to give you the number, I really would but it's just too risky for me, I'm sorry. Most of you mention that you're new to the city. Don't worry, after you make some more friends it won't be long til you meet someone who has a hookup. It took me an entire year to get the number myself.

Also, only two people did this but it's so ridiculous it needs to be addressed. They opened their letters to me by asking, "First of all, are you a cop?"

Everyone: IT IS NOT TRUE THAT IF YOU ASK A COP IF HE OR SHE IS A COP THEY HAVE TO TELL YOU. I'm sure police officers LOOOOOOVE that people believe this urban myth. Can you imagine? You're an undercover cop deep into some mob shit and all the sudden one of them turns to you:

"Oh hey man, by the way, are you a cop?"
"You got me! I am by law required to divulge that I am in fact a member of the NYPD."

C'mon people, wake up. No cop has to tell you if they're a cop. Read more about it here.cops must say they're cops, the popo, cops have to tell you if they're cops, disclosure to law enforcement, police identify, police identify themselves, identity theft police, identify undercover police, police must identify, identify to police, state police identify police, police scams, undercover cops, police cops

Monday, November 19, 2007

Stalking Edward Norton & other Celebrities (from Campaign Contriubiton info Online)


I found the most fascinating thing online today.
Either the actors Jeffrey Wright, Edward Norton, Mark Ruffalo, Rob Morrow, and Gina Gershon all live at 200 Park Ave S, NY, New York 10003, or they're all filming a movie there. Why are they all giving to Barack and not to Hillary?

The most puzzling thing about these donations is WHY THE FUCK ARE SO MANY PEOPLE GIVING TO JOHN EDWARDS AND DENNIS KUCINICH?

Only two possible answers:
A) They love throwing money into the wind!
B) They can't bear the thought of a woman or a black man as president.

Did these people know that their private information including $ amount donated, their name, occupation, and HOME ADDRESS was going to be posted on the web?

The one that makes me the most furious is this bitch Linda Jacobs from 45 E. 9th St 10003. She's listed three times (Not Employed, Self-Employed, and No Information.) She gave to Edwards, Obama, AND to Kucinich. No love for Hillary though. This chick clearly wants any Democrat except for Hillary to win. And it's a wonder why people say women are women's own worst enemies...

Let's write to Thomas Kelly, attorney at Debevois & Plimpton; nestled in between Linda Jacobs' pendulous donations, to see if he knows his information is online...

(All these addresses are large buildings by the way, so it's highly unlikely Thomas Kelly and Linda Jacobs know each other, much less share an apartment.)

Here he is, Thomas M Kelly, partner at Debevois & Plimpton:


Email to Thomas Kelly
Subject: Donation of $2,300 to Hillary Clinton

Dear Mr. Kelly,
Just out of curiosity, are you aware that your name, occupation, place of work, home address, and dollar amount donated to the Hilary Clinton campaign gets posted on the internet? Just curious!


PS Thanks for voting for Hillary!
PSS Stay clear of Linda Jacobs, a cunt who lives in your building.


The Clinton campaign would probably prefer I didn't involve myself on it's behalf but I had to thank the man...

Hey, check it out, you can stalk by occupation. Here's the results for "Actor"

So David Cross lives on the same street as Tom Hanks, huh? Interesting. And Alec Baldwin has a place at 409 Madison Ave. Interesting. Adam Sandler's got a place in New Hampshire. Interesting.

Let's see Film Director. Oh cool, some guy named Craig Mowry shelled out $8,400 for Hillary. I'll send him my screenplay tomorrow.

Let's try Musician: John Bongiovi's got a place in TN. Interesting.

Some fools listed their occupations as "Singer" and even "Vocalist" but no assholes for "Guitarist." One asshole for "Drummer" though. Who the fuck is Rick Marotta anyways. Definitely washed up... Yep. Rick Marotta: Studio drummer having "worked with Carly Simon, Paul Simon, and Steely Dan."

He's in lots of "Drummer" magazines. He enjoys: "Reminiscing about the 70's, collecting Hawaiian print shirts, and adding his own name to websites."

Ooo Hugh Hefner lists his occupation as "Editor." Interesting. Why do he and so many other wealthy people give in amounts of $4,600 and $2,300? And why is Kimberly Hefner still "giving" from Hugh's Playboy Mansion? Does Holly know?edward norton bio, edward norton movies, edward norton filmography, edward norton pics, edward norton jr, edward norton dating, edward norton gay, edward norton richard gere, edward norton films, edward norton news, edward norton gossip, gina gershon photos, hillary presidential, why hillary clinton

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lady or Ladyboy?

It's no ancient Chinese secret that Asians make the prettiest trannies. (Ancient Chinese Secret, get it?! The gods of humor are going to smite me now.)

In Thailand there's an entire subculture of transgendered men called Kathoeys and they're apparently very well-accepted by the community.

Think you know your Ladys from your Ladyboys?
Obvious Asian Ladyboy

Okay this first one's obviously a ladyboy but what about the others? Answers at bottom.

Real Thai Girls at Party











Watch one young man's transition, as he calls it, from "babyboy to ladyboy."

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Blog Fight!

Mark Kerrigan, owner of a blog called the "Communications factors: You have only one chance to make a first impression," included Popnomination.Com in a post called "I Guess English Class Wasn't As Important As Popularity."

He wrote:

He omitted information from my blog post Orgy of the Hemp Eaters essentially to retell a joke I had already made. I tried to leave a comment responding but he denied it! So here is the comment I tried to leave:

Dear Mark,

In all fairness, the paragraph immediately preceding the one you quoted from my blog acknowledges that marijuana really does impair a person's memory. I wrote:
"Honestly, I love this stuff. Did I say that already? Fair enough: It's true it fu--s with your memory a little. But it's only temporary."

You appear to have omitted that minor detail just so you could make a joke about weed making people forgetful, a joke I had already made. You made the joke twice, actually: "I guess he didn't remember it" and "maybe he forgot!"

Mark, don't you know a joke isn't funny when told a second time? If you had included my paragraph it wouldn't have been funny after being told a third time. Maybe you forgot.
You're like a corrupt journalist who quotes people out of context. I guess the ethics portion of your studies weren't as important to you as the grammar lessons.

You own a social/business networking platform huh? Tsk, tsk Mark Kerrigan. Being a douche bag isn't very professional and it certainly isn't good for your social life. (Is there a hyphen in douche bag? Oh my god I don't know!)

By the way, it is not mandated by the gods of grammar that a person use a comma after the word "and."

PS I'm not a "he" you presumptuous dick.

Thanks for the link!


And here's his sad little apology letter. Boo-hoo! He admits to omitting parts of my post to retell my joke and "apologizes profusely."

If anyone can find a picture of this guy please send. I'd like to photoshop a dick going into his ear.

UPDATE 11/07

I didn't respond to Mark's apology email so he decided to follow up with another post declaring "It's On!" and then ANOTHER post called "Got Flamed?" How boring.

Dear Mark,
It's generally not a good idea to follow up an apology letter with a brand new post bitching about me.

Anyways, this is the last I'm writing about Mark Kerrigan. Yawn.

UPDATE 11/08

He wrote yet a third blog entry about lil' ole me! Oh Mark. Markity Mark Mark. You are so sad.

Check out my Lady or Ladyboy? post where he left a comment calling me un-ladylike. Oh dear god! Mark Kerrigan of Butt-fuck, Tennessee has insulted my grammar and called me un-ladylike. Take me now, Lord. I don't deserve to live!

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Chess is Sexist and Racist. Not Homophobic.

Chess is Sexist?
Theres a point-rating system for the pieces that goes like this:
Queen: 9 points
Rook: 5 points
Bishop or Knight: 3 points
Pawn: 1 point
Then there's the King who is literally priceless because he determines whether the game is won or lost. One could argue that the Queen is the most powerful of the active pieces, but in the end she still gets sacrificed for the King.

Chess is Racist?
I taught a black friend how to play chess and it was awkward having to explain to him that "white always goes first." It's true though. In chess, white always goes first.

Chess is homophobic?
The one thing that chess is most definitely not is homophobic. If a Pawn gets to the end of the board he can turn into a big ole' flaming Queen. He can turn into any number of things, actually. He can be a Queen... a Knight... a Bishop. A whole trifecta of gay fetishes.

For the actual history of chess go here.

Below is a great song called "One Night In Bangkok" from a failed musical called "Chess." The lyrics are hilarious and I love the references to the ladyboys in Thailand. "If you're lucky then the girl's a she..."

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Orgy of the Hemp Eaters

Above: Real marijuana snacks made legally in California. My friends in LA say all you need to do is to say you're depressed and they give you a marijuana license. Isn't everyone depressed anyways?

I am high and in love with Marijuana. I want to shout my love from high upon the mountains!!!!!

I never used to enjoy smoking weed. All it would do was make me paranoid and jumpy and make my heart race. I had best friend who sold massive amounts, I had free access to it all the time and rarely indulged. And actually, "trafficking" is the correct term for what he did, not "selling." He did eventually get busted and spent 2 years in one of PA's worst prisons where he shared a cell with a murderer. It's a very sad story really. This was a blond jewish boy who loved Opera and played Jazz. He was just really, really good at selling weed...for a while.

This past summer though, I discovered the JOYS OF EATING MARIJUANA, and I want to share that joy with you, dear friend.

Honestly, I love this stuff. Did I say that already? Fair enough: It's true it fucks with your memory a little. But it's only temporary.

Eating weed produces a completely different than smoking it. And it's not all in my head; it's been well-documented that ingesting marijuana produces a markedly different "high" then smoking it. You're not ruining your lungs and you can get high in broad daylight, out in the open without anyone knowing you're getting baked.

Anyways, the high is wonderful. It makes me happy. I am encouraging you to try it. maybe this whole blog will turn into nothing but encouraging people to eat weed.

Finally I'll be socially responsible. I'll be a blog that answers a societal need.

The Need for People to Eat Weed!


I had it delivered. There are a few things about living in Manhattan that after 2 years still tickle me pink. Wash and fold laundry, for instance. I still feel like a kid opening a present when I get my clothes back all clean and folded. Manhattan Pot Delivery is the latest.


You call the number, tell them the address of who referred you, talk to some kind of dispatcher, are told that it'll be about 45 minutes and that the "driver" will call you when he's outside.

I was worried that they'd be sketched out because I live in a doorman building. Like it wasn't shady enough. "Should I come down to meet him? I live in a doorman building." I said to the dispatcher. He said it was no problem, the guy would come up to my apartment.

(In doorman buildings the doorman calls up to your apartment and you give permission for the guest to go up.)

Anyways, about 45 minutes later the deliver guy calls and asks if I can meet him outside because he's circled the block 3 times and can't find parking. It's a white car on the corner, he says.

I go down expecting to find someone shifty in a moderately priced, if not junky, car. I discover instead, a charming young man in a BMW. I ask for a "quarter" and he realizes its my first time buying from them. They only sell in $50 and $100 and the buds come in little acrylic boxes. (I forget about how much the $100 one is in weight. My friend whom I got the weed delivery service number from told me but i forget.) I know it'd be way cheaper in another borough or if I picked it up but I don't care. It's great weed and I love the delivery service.

So there we are, right next to my doorman building with people passing by only feet away from us and he casually gives me my clear acrylic weed box. He looks up at my building and recognizes it. He informs me he's got a customer in apt 11J. Next time, he'll come up to show me the different varieties.

How cool is that? Being a Manhattan pot delivery must be really fun sometimes.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Third Breasts are real. (Some breastfeed & even grow on men.)

Look at that lovely, well-formed breast pictured above!

Oops, wait, too bad it's on the thigh of a 74-year-old man.
(See below)

According to Medscape.Com this man's case is admittedly rare. Polymastia (the medical term for having extra boobage, also called supernumerary breasts or accessory breasts) however, is not that uncommon.

The extra breasts are usually situated somewhere along the milk lines (which both men and women have, all the way down to their groins) but can apparently appear anywhere. They can appear just as breast tissue or as full breasts with nipples and areolas. Some of these extra breasts can even lactate.

In one recent, well-documented case, a 22-year old grew an extra breast on the bottom of her foot. It was small in terms of breast tissue but came complete with a nipple/areola.

Below is an old engraving showing a woman breastfeeding from her thigh:

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Things I Know About People Who Visit this Site

I haven't had this blog for very long (or put very much effort into it, to be perfectly honest) but already I know some interesting things about people who visit it.

So far, the most popular search query bringing people to Popnomination.Blogspot.Com is "fellating a dog." Looks like people from all over the world want to know more about doggie blows jobs.

Let me find out more so I don't alienate my tiny little fanbase!


(Coming soon. By tomorrow, I swear. I'm stoned and distracted by other things right now.)

Side thought: Maybe that's why blogs shouldn't be anonymous. Because then you don't put any effort into it. I'm hyper-analyzing too much right now.

UPDATE: Ugh gross, I've read up a little more and I'm not explaining it, there's plenty of other sites that do. Check out this guy from BeastForum.Com:

"I am currently looking after someone else's dog while they are on holiday. I stroke him, lick him and suck him. Unfortunately I haven't managed to make him cum, but I'm still hopeful."

Or this one:
"I'm planning to suck off a dog of a girl I've met, but I'm just curious... the dog can't give me any disease but if we both suck off the dog, can the girl herself give me something nasty like herpes or such?"

Be careful who you leave your pets with.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Online Database of Free Books-on-Tape

Open source, free content internet at it's best.
Librivox.Org has a huge and growing catalog of free audiobooks online. Volunteers (you can be one of them) record themselves reading books from the public domain and then add them to the site. Everyone from students to professional voice over artists contribute. Collection includes fiction, essays, poetry, philosophy treatises, and amendments to the constitution.

Never read Ulysses?
Me neither. I'm going to listen to it while I cut myself.

Naturally, there's lots of classics:
*The Bible (various versions)
*Louisa May Alcott: Little Women
*Jane Austen: Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility
*Frank L Baum: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
*Ludwig van Beethoven: Selected Letters of Ludwig van Beethoven
*Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking Glass & Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
*Miguel Cervantes: Don Quixote
*Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
*Joseph Conrad: Heart of Darkness
*Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities
*Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter
*James Joyce: Ulysses
*Franz Kafka: Metamorphosis
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Racist Ice Cream Trucks?

Mr Softee trucks are creepy in so many ways. They're everywhere in NYC when it's warm outside. On the back they have these two kids with "Safety Club" badges next to the "STOP! WATCH FOR OUR CHILDREN"

Look at these little Hilter's dream-spawn. Could one of them at least have brown eyes? NYC is an international hub of diversity, right? These two look like the poster children for the Aryan nation.

And does "Mr Softee" sound dirty to you? It sounded dirty to someone. Check it out, its the Mr. Softee dildo.michael richards racist, kramer racist, micheal richards racist video, seinfeld racist, american racist, racist rant, racist cartoons, mr softie, mr softee ice cream, mr softee jingle, mr softie ice cream, mr softee truck, mr softee ice cream truck, mr softee tune, mr jingles, mr jingle, mister softee, mr chocolate, mr maker, mr larger, mr song, mr ice

Monday, October 1, 2007

Living Gremlins (The Cutest Animal on Earth)

Tarsiers: The Anime-Eyed, Frog-Fingered, Mini-Monkeys of the Philippines.

Are Tarsiers the most adorable thing alive? They look like miniature monkeys with disproportionately huge cartoon eyes and E.T. fingers.


-They're gentle (they eat primarily insects), tiny (they literally fit in your hand), endangered, and have been known injure themselves or commit suicide when in captivity.
-Their eyes are too big to move in their sockets so they rotate their head almost a full 360 degrees
-Average Size: 4-6 inches (like a dick!)
-They weigh around 4.5 ounces. A stick of butter weighs 4 ounces. (I don't know how much a dick weighs.)
-They have silky fur with bald tail except for a tuft at the end
-They are solitary, nocturnal, and shy
-They are monogamous or polygamous
-When they're happy, they trill softly and sweetly like birds
-They are so unique that there has been confusing scientific debate over their "order" in the primate family for over a century (You know, the whole "Order>Family>Genus>Species" stuff.)

(If you want to know more about the formal biological taxonomy go here. There are two "Sub-Orders" of Primates: Strepsirrhini and Haplorrhini. Tarsiers get shuffled from one to another.)

-They've been called the world's smallest primate or world's smallest monkey but they're not. The smallest primate is the Pygmy Mouse Lemur while the smallest monkey is the Pygmy Marmoset. The Pygmy Mouse Lemur is only 30 grams (about 1 ounce) and about 2.4 inches (6.2 cm) !! Mouse Lemurs are also adorable but this Pygmy one hadn't been seen for a century and was last spotted in 1993. The smallest monkey title goes to the Pygmy Marmoset even though it's a wee bit bigger than the Tarsiers (cause Tarsiers aren't technically monkeys but they are primates.)

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Monday, May 28, 2007

UNESCORTED Convicts Transfered by Greyhound Bus

In order to cut costs, a prison board in San Diego decided that it would be okay to let their prisoners travel UNESCORTED from one facility to another by Greyhound bus.

Over a 3 year period, 77 convicts escaped. Surprise, surprise.

Someone on the prison board has been eating retard pie.

Read more about it at SignOnSanDiego.Com

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bathroom Graffitti (Get on it)

Why don't graffiti artists work on public bathroom walls?
Public restrooms could use a little sprucing up and Bathroom Grafitti has several advantages over street graffiti:

1) You can take your time with it; the police aren't going to bust in on you while you're in the loo.
2) It's still public vandalism (don't worry, you're still a bad-ass.)
3) If you do it while emptying your bowels it's technically multi-tasking.

Here's a slogan-

It's the next new thing, I swear. Someone please get on it.

Myspace Headline Phenomenon

When signing up for a account, entering a "headline" is mandatory. If you leave it blank you cannot complete your Myspace registration. A warning appears that says "You haven't entered a headline yet."

I've noticed a trend. In what appears to be a quick solution to not entering a headline many, many, Myspacers have resorted to using the headline "I haven't entered a headline yet," or some version of that.

Maybe it was cute-ish the first time I saw it. Now it's unacceptable and it must be stopped! (I really couldn't care less. Myspace is a popular topic though and I want people linking to this blog.)

A few of the guilty parties, at press time, are:

There are 5,080!! Search "haven't entered a headline" in myspace.

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Necrophiliac Mouse